Welcome to your PoC Productionizer

As a proud BiTA member, we are supporting our colleagues who are working day and night to provide essential services. DLT Labs is offering to take your blockchain proof of concept into production and improve your end-to-end supply chain visibility with our turnkey platform.

3 Hours of Consulting

5 BiTA members

60 days to production

Our tech team will review every submission and provide a high-level set of recommendations for each application.

We have allocated up to $1M each in resources for five BiTA members to get your transformative project into production.

DLT Labs will get your PoC into production within two months using our proven production process and highly configurable platform.

Trusted by the world's most innovative businesses


Modern supply chains face increasing challenges 

Traditional supply chain and logistics practices have become outdated and often fail to meet the demands of modern industries. As global trade has scaled, more participants are involved in transactions, processes have greater complexity and the average logistics system folds under pressure. Modern supply chains face a significant set of challenges including lack of traceability, manual processes, incomplete information and high administrative costs. Something has to change.

Up to 70% invoices disputed

Multi-party inefficiencies

Manual Processes

Invoice overpayments

Unreliable information

Disparate systems


Expert Production Guidance for Every Application

We are making this offer exclusive to BiTA members – especially any essential services – to benefit from the value and experience that we deliver for our clients with our turnkey platform. We’ll provide 3 hours of consulting to every member that submits a project for evaluation. The outcome will be a high-level set of recommendations for implementation. 


DLT Labs - Information you can trust 

DLT Labs delivered the largest deployment of enterprise blockchain for Walmart Canada, helping the retailer manage freight invoices for more than 500,000 loads annually. Reduced operating costs, almost zero disputes, no reconciliation process – the results speak for themselves. 

Click on the link below to read about how we helped Walmart Canada revolutionize their freight invoice management.


Who can participate? 

Any qualified BiTA member that has a significantly advanced supply chain and logistics solution can submit a request. 

Preference will be given to companies that:

Are considered essential services

Have committed resources to business transformation using blockchain

Will agree to enter into a mutual NDA. 

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